Spectral Compressor causing Cantabile 4177 x64 crash

Not had this problem in the past, but I updated to the latest version of Spectral Compressor and now neither the new nor the restored old versions of SC allow Cantabile to run - as soon as Cantabile disovers it in my VST3 plug-ins folder it crashes.

Runs fine in other DAWs.

While we’re at it… any way to blacklist a plug-in? I wouldn’t use SC in Cantabile anyway, so it would be good to sideline it.

It’s this plug-in, if that helps:
Spectral Compressor

Anyone have a clever way to ‘blacklist’ a plug-in in Cantabile?

Thanks for reporting - I’ve made a fix for the next build (4180).

Cantabile doesn’t really have a “blacklist” option for plugins. Cantabile 2 used to have it but nobody has ever asked for it in v3+.

Is a plugin blacklist something that others would find useful?

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I think it would be useful as there are a lot of plugins I would never use live

Ditto. It would be helpful to narrow down the plug-in list to only those I’d use live. It would be a tiny subset of my plug-in options.

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Thank you, @brad. Your efforts much appreciated, as ever.

I have a few plugins I know I would block as well if it were available. :slight_smile:

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Why couldn’t every plugin that is not used in a Cantabile Set/Song be automatically blocked and only activated if it were added to a song?

Seems a bit drastic - how would you add it to a song if it’s been blocked?

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Build 4180 is up now and fixes the crash when scanning Spectral Compressor.

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I forgot to say that I sort of do have this covered for VST2 in that I have a VST fiolder for both Cantabile and anything else on my DAW, and a “local only folder” for VSTs I do not intent to use live. The DAW gets to see both folders, but I do not include the local only folder in Cantabile.

This was fine for VST2, but for VST3 you do not get to specify the install location.

So some means excluding a plugin would be useful

Crash fixed. Apologies for opening this can of worms, but I do think a way to designate available plug-ins would be a useful tool for the future.

There would be a list of possible plugins that are installed on the machine and available to load in Cantabile. This list is every plugin whether currently used or not and would be populated by a full scan. That “everything” list would always be available for addition to a song (Call this Group A - don’t use “Set” for this illustration!). There would also be a list of plugins that are used by any/every song in the Cantabile Song Folder (Call this Group B). Those plugins would always load in Cantabile. If a plugin in Group A is loaded into a song, then that plugin must also be included in Group B for automatic load. Group B is a subset of Group A. Ideally, Group B and Group A should be the same, but I would bet most of us have Group A > Group B and have some plugins we never use.

The plugin blacklist concept made me think of all the plugins I’ve installed that are used once then never used again or have maybe have been replaced by better ones. Maybe if there was a way to know what was not currently used in any/all the songs, I’d be able to “take out the garbage.” Maybe an offline or manual way to know what plugins are currently used would help me decide what needs to be uninstalled in the VST folder.