Speaking of MODO

… MODODrum looks interesting. Though not cheap.


Would love to have a way to actually demo it but that’s unlikely.

Ridiculously over-priced (near $500 here) but that’s IK for you!

$299 “pre-order” price if you want to take a chance. Wish they offered different levels like pianoteq does.

  • Paul
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Sampeld cymbals and still to be used with midi drum files - not so interesting as it seemed to be at first.

You don’t have to use it with their grooves of course- I wouldn’t. I’m sure it responds well to an e-kit like Superior or anything else. I always program my own parts from keys or pads. I wouldn’t have thought they’d cracked modeled cymbals. I’d still like to see what can be tweaks on the tubs side, and what the interactivity or the resonances are. If I can get Squids to send me a demo lol

I bought it on pre-order promo/special pricing for MODO Bass owners $150. When it is released I’ll test it thoroughly and let you know.