SPAM! ;-) My Kickstarter campaign

Hey everyone, I feel sort of obnoxious doing this (and if you all agree I’ll delete this lol but I just started a Kickstarter to make a solo album and the best way to succeed is to gently promote everywhere and anywhere you can. So I hope you don’t mind. Take a look and maybe pass it on to any progressive rock fans you know. It’s designed to be expensive and exclusive so it won’t be for everyone but for those interesting in a special hand made project we plan to come up with something really special. Thanks again!

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Hey, Fred

Perhaps because I am late to the forum, but I hadn’t made the connection with Glass Hammer, until watched the campaign video! Great band. I have a few albums: “Culture of Ascent” is probably my favourite (love the “South Side of the Sky” cover), but I am slowly getting into Valkyrie.

Now I know what the GH is for in your forum name! :slight_smile:

So, it looks like Cantabile is a tool of choice in the prog freaks here. :slight_smile:

So looking at your fund raiser, it’s probably a bit too expensive and exclusive for me, doing the math on your target budget and 200 copies only, and very hard for me to justify given that I stopped buying actual media a long time ago (unless I have to). But good luck in your campaign, it will sure be special for those that buy into it.

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Thanks! It’s gamble and I kind of hate there’s no decent way to do a cheap option but that’s the nature of the beast… If the whole thing falls flat I’ll just do a normal album :smiley:

For those curious :wink: