Spacebar in Omnisphere search start master transport in Cantabile

I have Omnisphere plugin loaded using an embedded rack in a Cantabile song. I’m opening the plugin window for Omnisphere and try to search for pads in patch browser. I want to type “Dark pad”. But the space is ignored in Omnisphere and instead the master transport in the Cantabile main window is activated.
I’m using build 3568 of Cantabile.


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Hrm. That’s a feature that was requested by some users quite a while ago. I’ll need to look into it to see if there’s some way to detect that you’re trying to type into a text field.

In the meantime, one work around might be to change the short cut key from Space to something else (or delete it if you don’t need it).


Thanks, I’ll do that for now. I fully understand the logic of using the spacebar for master control, except in the middle of a search text field :slight_smile:


I think I had that problem once…

Is there a way of detecting when a plugin window is open and it is more relevant for its UI to have keyboard focus, so it gets all key events?

Or another approach: only when I am in (Cantabile) Live mode my keystroke needs to focus on main/master control. During live performance I am not searching anyway… at least not in a plugin text box…:grin:

but seriously, my needs/priorities for live performance are different from the ‘design mode’. Distinguish these modes when defining shortcuts, functions etc. could be useful in my opinion. But maybe this is a part of a broader discussion of adding value to the different C3 modes.

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I’ve made a fix for this in the next build (which will be 3570, not sure when it’ll go up).

Thank you Brad, I’ll check and come back here.

Build 3570 available now should resolve this.

Works great, thanks @brad !

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