Spacebar fails saving a preset in Vienna Synchron Piano

This issue occurs when typing in the “user -> save preset” text box on Vienna Synchron Piano VST2. I’m able to enter any characters but spaces. Pressing the spacebar, causes Cantabile metronome toggle starts/stops, like the focus is lost.

The issue started with the latest version of Vienna Synchron Piano player on Windows 10. No problems in Cubase and Reaper. Can post a video if needed.

I found a fancy workaround pressing shift + spacebar.
Not a bad problem, it’s just to flag it up to @Brad.

My guess is that the plugin is using a non-standard GUI library and Cantabile can’t tell it’s in a text field - so it steals the space key for transport start/stop.

Another around would be to assign a different key for toggle play/stop in Options -> Hot Keys (instead of space)


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I often use underscore instead of spaces - for example - Vienna_Synchron_Piano

Hey Doug,

I’m familiar with snake_case. :slight_smile:
Just reported the issue to Brad.