Soundtoys Little Plate FREE For A Limited Time

Had a chance to run this thru its paces and while its dumbed down, the reverb algo is very good imo, and worth the download. If running on a buss you can use Voxengo Sound Delay freebie to get a pre delay (doesn’t have it built in) and of course if desired add M/S EQ before and/or after to shape the sound. Interestingly, it also does an infinite reverb with modulation and actually sounds very good for sound scaping too, so its a two trick pony I suppose, and imo with a top shelf algo.

“The lush sound of plate reverb – with a modern twist. A $99 value. Ends December 1.”


I assume there are some iLok or activation annoyancies.
In this case I can save my time and stick with what I have.

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iLok, yes on dongle or computer, does not have a cloud option. Does not require installing a portal.

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