Sounds for Medievel/Renaissance music?

I’m active in music in the reenactment community. We have a few people who work in Other Programs (Finale, Slbelious, and weirdos like I who use Lilypond…) who (not I) Also want to play the generated MIDI files on their computer.

I’m aware that PianoTeq and Keyscape have high quality harpsichords available, and that recorder and harpsichord are in any General MIDI player. Are there any lower-cost options I might recommend? Instruments likely to come up:
Sackbut (I can’t tell it from a trombone, honestly)

I just play it on piano, but some folks imaginations need a bit of help.



For this type of sound I most frequently head for Eduardo Tarilonte’s libraries sold by Best Service.

They aren’t cheap, but they are quality.


That one by that company…
Sorry, I’m serious but I can’t remember the name. I’ll have to remember to look when I’m at work. But it’s loaded with exactly what you want.


The music side of the organization is academic heavy—everyone seems to have the academic edition of Finale or Sibelious, but to a human uses the default General MIDI sounds, and uses the default playback behavior rather than doing a simple multitrack, even though they’re usually much better Pianists than I am….

Then they say, “MIDI sounds bad…” :laughing:

Ah well…

The academic version of Sibelius is exactly the same as the professional one. It’s just better pricing if you work for a school.