Sound tail re-playing when selecting prev song

Hey Neil, here’s a bank with flush at 128 and some long release stuff in the first 4.Flush Synth1 VST64 1.cantabileFxb;fxb.cantabileFxb (8.6 KB)

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Just When I Thought I Was Out, They Pull Me Back In!
Valhalla Shimmer does not really play ball with flush tail. It certainly reduces by a large degree, which means that whatever you’re doing is certainly in the right direction, but not all the way.
Can the flush function be more effective or is this really in the hands of the plugin author?

Long time since I looked at the flush tail sounds, but I believe what it does it just keeps processing the plugin and sending it’s output to nowhere until it drops below a certain threshold or times out. I could probably increase those limits, but there’s always going to be a plugin that needs longer.


HI Brad. So what is the effect of, say, an 8 second reverb which is sent nowhere and then is required to operate again within that that time frame?
For context, I’m trying to kill a reverb with a condition that all notes are off and sustain is released, and that a new note will reactivate a ‘clean’ reverb.

OK, so I just reviewed the code for flush tail sounds, this is how it works.

  1. Plugin processing on the audio thread is stopped.
  2. Back on the UI thread…
  3. The plugin is told transport has stopped
  4. The plugin is sent All Sounds Off MIDI event
  5. The plugin is sent note off events for any note known to be held.
  6. The plugin is told to process audio buffers until the output level is less that 0.001f (scalar level), or 8 seconds of audio has been processed.


  • audio processing during flush tail sounds is done “offline” and not in real-time. 8 seconds of audio should usually take less than a second to complete.
  • flush tail sounds is only done for VST 2 plugins.

So answer your question…

…the 8-seconds of processing will be done as part of suspening/stopping plugin - so you can’t re-enable it again during that period.