Sound stop and comeback randomly while playing

Hello cantabile community !

I’m experiencing an issue with Cantabile on my laptop, and it’s really frustrating.

Randomly, the sound stops while I’m playing for about 3 to 5 seconds and then comes back again. I can see that the input port still receives MIDI from my keyboard, but all the sounds from my VST are frozen for a moment and come back all at ones with the same notes I was playing before it crashed.

The processor is at around 5%, and the memory usage is at 27%, so I don’t think it’s a lack of performance.

Do you have any idea where the issue might be coming from, or how I can troubleshoot this problem?

Sounds like a licensing problem - have you checked if all plugins in the chain are activated / registered?

A lot of plugins mute the output or have other nasty nuisance mechanisms when in “demo mode”…

no it’s not that :confused: everything is registered

Hi, are you sure?

I have occasionally been caught out when I thought something was registered, but somehow it had become de-registered.

Of course you may have already checked. If so, I would start diagnosing this by using Cantabile’s profiler to see if you can spot anything causing a heavy load.

I checked every VST, and they’re all registered (I think it should notify me during VST opening if it’s not registered or in demo mode?).

I am going to try the profiler, but I have encountered something strange: I’ve been attempting to record a video screenshot of my issue for around 10 days now. Each time I record with the Xbox Game Bar app, the issue never occurs. This makes no sense, haha.

After 1 hour of recording, it finally happened again. So, despite thinking I had a workaround to avoid my issue, it doesn’t work, haha.

Should something in the log be written in red when an issue occurs?

How can I find in the log where the issue is coming from?

I attempted to use only one VST at a time with the profiler open, and each time the issue occurred, there was no overload happening. It even froze the profiler, and the only thing I could observe working was the MIDI receiving on the general input port, but not on the rest of the individual inputs.

So, it’s definitely not a vst registered problem, and performance is not the issue either.

I suspect it might be a hardware problem because I sometimes experience small freezes while watching videos.

I have already opened my laptop and added memory, so utilizing the warranty will be challenging.

Do you have any idea which component could be affecting my laptop in this way? Or if it’s not a component issue, what else could be causing this problem?

I’m feeling quite desperate…

Hi Arsy,

If the profiler froze then something else in the system is stealing the resources it needs to function. It makes me suspect another Windows process is overloading things and not Cantabile. You could try Process Lasso or use the Windows task manager performance graphs to see what else is hogging your resources at those instances where Cantabile freezes up.



I found the culprit ; it was one of my SSDs that was faulty, despite analyzing it without showing any errors. I transferred my VST to my other SSD, which is quite smaller, but it fits if I only have what’s necessary.

It’s been more than a week, and I haven’t encountered any issues anymore.

Thank you all for your help!