Sound Issue After Installing This

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Hello friends, After installing Cantabile on my PC, the sound is buzzing. I don’t know whether the issue is related to this installation. Could anyone please help?

Edit: After posting the thread here, I searched online for resolving the issue and found this useful guide. I followed some methods from there. First I updated the corrupted audio driver and disabled all audio enhancements. After completing the tasks properly, the problem got solved. Now I have no longer any sound issues.

Hi Robert & Welcome to the Forum!

Without more detail it would be hard to know what is wrong. By the sound is buzzing do you mean all the time or only when you try to run Cantabile? The sound engine must be set up in the options in Cantabile so that might also be the issue. Also you could try uninstalling Cantabile to see if it is related to the actual install. Let us know more, like what sound card you are using for Cantabile and how you set up the program in the startup configuration on the first run of it so we can give better help.

Thanks for posting :slight_smile: