Sound Dust Hammr+ and Hammr Growler

Anybody here tried these Kontakt based B3 sampled organs?

Just noting how the “distortion” on the B5 was being discussed, these samples seem to be all about the samples you can get from a B3 and Leslie being turned up REALLY LOUD!!!


P.S. - There is even a little “home organ version” freebie you can get here from them:

I have… not really meant to be a traditional organ sound but more of a snapshot of the sound of one specific funky Hammond. They’re cool but really things I have use for- I think they could be emulated with other organs.

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Yeah, wasn’t really impressed with them. Of course, I’ve been a B3/C3 lover and player for more years than I care to admit. So, I know what I want to hear out of a Hammond. Just picky that way.

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