Sound Disappeared after installing Cantabile

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Hello Friends,

I am a first time user and for sure I have made some mistake. Sound disappeared after the installation. Any idea what could be the issue with the same?

Hi Antwon Mante and Welcome!

I think we will need more information to help. To begin with do you mean that all your usual windows sound is gone? Also, are you using the built in sound chip on your PC or a USB Audio interface? Let us know and we’ll get try to help … :slight_smile:



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A screenshot of the sound option in old control panel could be useful, too. This.
Edit: a screenshot of the Cantabile Audio Engine settings is useful.

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I am using an external sound sound card and I pulled it out and reinserted it. That seems to fix the the issue. I got the idea from here though. Should I do a system restore to be be on the safer side or let it be? What you guys suggest?

Hi Antwon,

I would try to run the Cantabile software again without a System restore. I don’t know if this is the problem you had but when plugging your sound card to different USB ports it can confuse things in the Windows system, so you should try to always plug in to the same USB jack. If you have sound you should be able to carry on with setting up Cantabile. Hope it goes OK. :slight_smile: