Sound detuned during live performance!

This is my setup

Cantabile X86 3580
Roland Fa 08

During a live show suddenly sound were detuned (halftone and more).
I rebooted Cantabile and keyboard without success …
detune was not costant but floating …

Now I’m terrified and I would like to understand what could have happened … (20.5 KB)

I have heard of Roland transpose bugs on the RD-800. I’m thinking it’s got to be the controller.

Hmmm - halftone and more sounds like a sample rate issue: if Cantabile thinks it is running at 44.1 kHz and your audio interface is actually doing 48 kHz, then a 440 Hz A would suddenly play at 478 Hz - which is about 1.5 semitones sharp.

But the floating detune is confusing - can you check your MIDI monitor and see if your Roland controller is sending pitch bend data? Maybe something broken with the pitch wheel?



obviously I’m not able to reproduce this issue.
Today I tried again and everything went smoothly … this is the reason why I am afraid …
Maybe Brad could understand something checking log file ??

I’m not @brad, but I still checked your log file. I see that your audio interface was initialized at 48 kHz and I see that you have an OP-X in your setup. Some older versions of the OP-X Pro (before V1.2.1) used to be unable to deal with 48 kHz - newer version have apparently fixed this.

Could it be that only your OP-X was detuned and all your other instruments were in tune - this could have given the impression of “floating detune”. The newest version of OP-X should be OK with 48 kHz

Or maybe there’s another plugin in your setup that can’t deal with 48 kHz. Are you running your setup in 44.1 kHz now? Maybe that’s a reason for everything playing nice now…

Could you tell us a bit more about your audio interface and its configuration?



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thanks …
I stream cantabile to X32 using a KT DN9630 (usb to aes50). X32 is running at 48 but I noticed that Cantabile was setted at 44. I am using this setup from about 2 years without issues but I will try to run Cantabile at 48, is that suggested ??

64 bit version is 1.2.6 but 32 bit version is 1.1
I think I have to use 32 bit version with Cantabile32, haven’t I ?

If your audio bitrate is running at 48 kHz, then Cantabile should definitely be running at the same bitrate; anything else can create all kinds of strange effects.

I looked up the OP-X PRO II version history - it looks like the sample rate issue was specific to the 64 bit version, so the 32 bit version should be ok if your system is consistently running 48 kHz. Can’t verify this, though - I have migrated to 64 bits years ago. Out of interest: what is keeping you at 32 bits? jBridge is a great helper for few remaining 32 bit plugs…



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thanks …
my only concern is that the issue remained after rebooting Cantabile and keyboard … but disappeared the day after at home …

It happened again … !!!
For short period, luckily …

It happened on all active plugins (in the sample: M1 and Kontakt piano)

This is a sample: (keyboard level exposed)

This is a big problem for me !! no similar issues in last 3 years … I am frightened to play live !

Autsch… that sounds really terrible. I feel you…

Did you check your pitch wheel? Maybe its broken and it has a loose connection. This could cause it sending informations you don’t want to have.

I cant think of anything else that could cause such issue.

Thanks … I will try to add a midi filter to avoid unwanted messages …

Gaaah - that’s definitely not a sample rate issue - too close for that! Really sounds like either a dodgy pitch wheel (that’s something that can be fixed with a MIDI filter; who needs pitch wheel with a piano) or some funny stuff with the audio interface. I’d suggest going old-school and getting a solid and proven audio interface (Zoom or RME) and connecting analog to the mixer. This at least eliminates one source of complexity…



Check your hardware first. It’s always better to use working hardware than fixing something in software.
KT DN9630 might also not be the best solution… but I have no experience with that.

I am working with KT from one year and this is the second issue of this kind. I usually stream 2 channels from Cantabile and 6 tracks from sequencer into KT. Tracks from sequencer are not affected.