Sound design in Lounge Lizard

I’ve been working on some covers of Dave Mason that include Mark Jordan playing Fender Rhodes. I was feeling lazy and was about to post the YouTube of “Feelin Alright” that they played live in LA back in the early 70’s to see if someone could point in the direction of how to get his sound using Lounge Lizard. Instead I decided to move on from using only the presets that came with LL4 and figure out how to find my own sounds. I found this very clear tutorial . I need to warn you that to see more the first short overview you have to create a Groove3 account but I thought it was worth it as this particular “course” is free. The author and narrator of the 10 modules, Eli Krantzberg, does an excellent job explaining all the Lounge Lizard modules. I was able to modify an existing preset to my satisfaction. Highly recommended if you have Lounge Lizard.

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Hi Corky,

I would be very interested in any Lounge Lizard presets you would share. I managed to tone
down the bark a bit and increase the, for want of a better description, the xylophone like (bell like?) tone in a Fender Rhodes.


For some reason, I skipped over the part where you figured it out, and I offered to do a preset for you. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I will post some in a few days, somewhere in between rehearsals and gigs(crazy busy all of a sudden) I have several things to post on the organ thread as well.
I still use Velvet, Scarbee, Mr Tramp, and even Pianoteq in a pinch.

Here’s the Mark Jordan “Feelin Alright” that we’re covering:

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Nice. Always liked Dave Mason.

At the very end…guitar tuning went south, lol. Was really good though.

There are some factory LL4 presets that are close to the sound on this recording but I ended up making some adjustments to 23 - Jazz Rhodes. Would be interested what you would use for that sound.

Ok. Will see what I can do, and include it with the others.


Hey Doug,

Finally getting back to you (my world becomes very busy occasionally). Lounge Lizard has a strange way of saving presets, so I had to create a new bank, with a new preset. The only way to share a preset is to share it in a bank. The bank I am sharing has to be placed in the following:

C:\Users\ (user name) \AppData\Roaming\Applied Acoustics Systems\Lounge Lizard EP-4\Banks

Fun eh?

The preset I created came close to what I was able to hear. He was getting some distortion on the lower octaves, but not really any bark. I tried to dial it in the best I could, but a lot of this was in his playing style, and velocity usage. Try pounding the lower keys and hear the distortion kick in :grin:. I haven’t re-visited this since I created it, so when time allows, I may do more adjusting and post it. Let me know what you think.



CORKY.EP-4 (1.2 KB)

Thanks Corky! I’ll test it out later today and get back here

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Hi Corky,

Just practiced with your “Feelin Alright” LL4 patch. I think it sounds and plays right. I don’t think Mark Jordan is pounding the keyboard, that’s why my patch wasn’t right because the volume was too soft. Thanks again.

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