Sorry if it has been covered - but I'm struggling ot get it right - Audio Ports

Ok, I have two stages to the setup, backing tracks and live play. Now at the moment I have them both going out the Main Speakers.

The audio interface has two available stereo outs and I now want to separate the backing tracks from the live play parts - IE BTs out alt l/r and live parts to remain with Main Speakers.

Is there some way to do this without having to go back into all songs (about 250) and reset each song manually? For example is there somehow a way using the Alias system to accomplish this. I have read about using Alias but I cannot seem to get it to work.


Hey Dennis,

unfortunately the Alias feature won’t help you here - problem is that currently, your backing tracks go out through the SAME output as everything else. Given this, how should any Alias know which output to route to a different port (unless it knew what feeds INTO that port - a media player or anything else).

So unfortunately, in your scenario, you’ll have to modify every single song and change the routing for your media player - unless you’ve put the media player into a rack, then you could simply modify the rack to send its output to a different port and be done with it.




Thanks Torsten. Looks like I was misunderstanding Aliasing. I’ll now need to create two versions of every song becuase sometimes (for small gigs where I only use the iPad) everything just goes out main speakers. It is the bigger ones where I need more audible monitoring of the backing tracks (guitars only) and hence a separate audio out.

sigh hahaha!

No need to create two versions.

You can create all songs with two outputs, then use either a different audio hardware profiles (in case you use different audio interfaces for small and large gigs - this is what I do) or different Cantabile configurations (see here) for your two setups. Now, in the “small gig” configuration, simply route both outputs (main speakers and secondary outputs) to the same physical output ports - they will be mixed!

That’s the power of logical output ports :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



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Coolio, thanks Torsten…I’ll check the link and go from there :slight_smile:

Supplementary question if I may please Torsten…

Do you know if there is some way to have C3 use WASAPI and ASIO concurrently?

Nope - not to my knowledge. But the usual fix to have multiple interfaces in parallel is ASIO4ALL, but YMMV