Songs select over 128 in Master Setlist via Program Change [solved]

Hello, what am I doing wrong?
I have saved all my songs in a master set list with over 300 entries.
Via Setlist Maker I can switch my songs 1-128. But when I send MSB=0, LSB=1, Program=1, Cantabile does not switch to Song 128…
I just can’t go any further…
Can anyone give me a tip?
Thank you!

OK, I found a problem in Setlist Maker (possible bug)
If you select option 1-128 for a midi device, you have to enter -1 for the transmission of MSB 0, LSB 0. Otherwise the program change will not work.
Maybe this is helpful for someone who also wants to work with Setlist Maker and Cantabile.

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Good information Steffen, Thanks.


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