Songs are saved even when I click No on save?

Hi folks,

I already asked Brad, but it’s sunday afterall, gotta give the man some rest :slight_smile:
So if you have some time to help me out…

I have the following problem:
The Songs are saved in the program, even if I choose NOT
See my video:

But that doesn’t change the fact that when I return to the song it still is in the state like I last left it. (should be loaded from the song file again)

What I did notice:
The song FILES are NOT saved, when I choose NO, so that GOOD. But only in the program it does not reset the song status when switching between songs?

Is this a setting or so?
Or is it the way it’s supposed to be? So you can edit, or perform and choose in the end if you want to save the song changes?

And if this is the way it should be, what is the difference between :slight_smile:

  • the general options (prompt)
  • the song options (Never, Only on significant changes, On any change except via bindings, On any change. (What are the real differencences, I could not find this in the manual?)

When exactly does Cantabile choose to save?
And is there/should there be an option to save the non-saved songs when shutting down Cantabile?

So this is the video I made earlier for Brad: