Song Switch Noise

I invested in the Imperial King Neural Dsp on Black Friday. I haven’t had this problem before and cannot find anything in the forum.

When I switch to a song (pre-loaded) with this plugin I get a “splash” of sound. Sounds almost like plugging into hot amp. If the guitar volume is turn completely off it’s fine. All my other plugins are fine. Using version 4056.

I will contact Neural about the issue but there anything I can adjust within Cantabile to minimize this behavior. Or is it a bug for brad to check out?

Noise gate in Neural DSP works very well. I use it for that reason, especially for high gain settings. :guitar:

I thought the noise gate was a great idea but wasn’t as effective in reality. It’s mainly a problem on my clean preset because I reduce the input and increase the output, as recommend by Neural. I looks like I have to find a balance on those settings.

With NDSP, the input and output are the key solution to noise and actual tone setting. I had to adjust the balance of in and out just yesterday, to get a “fuzz” sound, when the pedals were not responding as expected. Also, making sure pedals are off, or adjusted properly in the process. Just keep adjusting till you get it.

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