Song state length (without content)

I am curious if it is possible to specify the length of a song state in bars and a tempo (without wrapping a media player with MIDI clip with some empty bars, or a silent audio file)?

Just that, if working with external sequencers, the only thing I need from Cantabile is an empty framework of bars, loops, a coda, and trasnsport/timing output.

Curious what the panoply of methods are here that others have found.

Hi S9DD,

Yes this is possible using the metronome as the transport focus and transport position bindings to detect the the bar/beat you want to end on. The following example bindings start the transport when the song state loads at the tempo that is set when the song state loads. The following binding stops the transport when it reaches the desired measure and/or beat.

The other song states can have different lengths and tempos. If you intend to chain the states this method may not be good because when the transport stops to change states there would not be smooth transitions because of having to stop and restart the transport. Anyway I hope Iā€™m in the ballpark, there are more options when using transport position bindings for tasks if you want to go further.



Thanks Dave - replying to this on the other thread.