Song State bindings freaking out?

I’ve done this before on several other songs so I can’t figure out what’s wrong. I’m trying to simply have bindings from the timeline change song state. It makes the first change OK, but when it gets to the second it keeps rapidly flashing between song states. But if I add even more bindings at later locations, it flashes the later one. It seems it flashes the 2nd to last state no matter how I program. I tried disabling all the state binding behaviour options too, no change. What am I missing?

I like to use "Load State with Program (Instant) because I can easily see which state I’m creating and helps to keep it organized. But I tried load by index, and a few others, same problem. I’m stumped.

i think maybe I figured it out, but if there’s a better way please let me know. I was looking at State behavior for the group, but each individual binding had all the behaviors checked/enabled. I disabled all of them (since my songs that worked were all disabled) and it’s now working. I’m guessing that it’s really only the first box “Enabled” that needs to be unchecked.

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Hi Tom,

I’m not sure this is related but, if the order of your bindings are not getting invoked in the sequence you’re expecting try disabling the bindings group then re-enable it again. I’ve found that the group memory needs to be reset when you make changes to your list otherwise unexpected things happen. I’m hoping @Brad has something in the works to correct this.


Interesting. Out of sequence wasn’t my issue but that’s really good to know going forward. Thanks Al!

I’m aware of this issue and it’s cause by a limitation in the current implementation of the bindings. The current capabilities of bindings have outgrown their original design so I need to revisit the whole framework and I’ll be addressing the order issue as part of that.

TL;DR: it’s not a simple fix and I don’t want to hack it.


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