Song Select Message Not Seen By Input Port

I want to send a Song Select to Cantabile from the MIDI Designer app on my iPad.
Although I can see the message is being received by the PC (using MIDI-OX to check), the input port monitor isn’t showing it.
Is there filter somewhere I need to tweak to add this or is this message simply not implemented yet?

It also seems that some other messages are also not arriving either:

  • Song Pointer Position
  • Start/Stop
  • Continue

Song Select works fine as an output from a Cantabile binding. The message is sent out.

I ended up working round this using a CC instead of Song Select messages but it would be good to know if this is a known issue or by design, @brad .

Hi AlexB,

The Song Pointer Position, Start/Stop and Continue events are intercepted by Cantabile as part of detecting MIDI clock. If you want these events you can go to Tools -> Options -> MIDI Ports -> double click a port and turn on “Route MIDI Clock”.

I don’t think Song Select should be filtered by this, but turning on Route MIDI Clock might fix it - I’d need to check (or let me know if you get to it before me).


Hi Brad,

Thanks a lot. I knew it must be down to them being filtered out somewhere but I didn’t think to try that option.

I just tested and successfully received Start, Stop, Continue, Song Select and Song Position messages.

I can now implement those in my MIDI Designer Pro project…


Great… thanks for the update.