Song save error

I’ve seen this mentioned elsewhere, but, not sure i’ve seen any advice as to what may be causing it. When I save a song, etc. I occasionally get the an error “Failed to Save Song - Failed to replace temp file”. It doesn’t seem to have any adverse affects but it messes with the OCD. Any help would be appreciated.


are you running any cloud backup or synchronization software on your system (e.g. Microsoft OneDrive)? These typically lock a file while sending it to the cloud, so Cantabile can’t delete the temporary file it created during the save process - it’s currently being backed up and thus locked…

Best to have all these background backup and other maintenance tasks scheduled for
when you’re not working with Cantabile

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Thanks for your prompt reply. Its not a cloud backup but I have a synchronisation to a local Synology NAS drive. I think your probably spot on with your answer. Its one of those things that you completly forget about. I will try suspending routine.


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