Song Reload (new binding target?)

Wondering if anyone else might find themselves in need of Re-Loading a Song.

My scenario: I have an external hardware sound module (VL70) that occasionally gets “messed up”. It is usually some other device on that MIDI path to that device that sends winds up sending some unrelated MIDI. I have been clicking “Prev Song” and “Next Song” in order to re-execute that bindings that re-configure the device.

One possibility would be to change all my initialization bindings from Song Load to a global Trigger, but that’s a lot of work. If I went that route, I could map a controller button to send the trigger and reset the device.

Another approach would be a new Reload binding target that re-executes all the Song Load bindings

Anyone have thoughts or a need for this?

Coincidentally, I realized last night that Cantabile does not reload the song (execute the “on load” bindings) when sent the midi program change if Cantabile is already on that particular song. To re-execute those initial “on load” bindings, I had to to increment and decrement the midi program change command. Intuitively, I would think that if the program change is received, the “on load” bindings would be re-executed, but I guess that is not the case. I’ll test the situation again, but my thoughts are, “If Cantabile receives the midi program change command, reload no matter if the song is active or not.” I’m not sure about a new “reload binding” because, in my case, sending the same midi program change should cause re-execution of the “on load” song bindings.


I am not actually using MIDI Program Change commands - I am using an external controller (Faderfox EC4) and binding encoder clicks to a “Next Song (Instant)” and “Previous Song (Instant)” targets. That’s why I’m thinking of a new binding target.

Hi Clint,

If you have “On Load” type bindings a workaround would be to place all the bindings values you wanted to be able to re-send in a separate bindings rack and use Rack “On Load” instead of Song “On Load” for your source invocation. This arrangement functions as follows :

  • the rack sends all Rack “On Load” bindings on the Song load because the rack is loading

  • Then you simply disable the rack and re-enabled it and it will re-send the On Load bound values. A button could be assigned to this task to do it remotely.

Note this is different approach from using the re-send bound values target function, theses values also send on a rack load so it covers them. Re-send Bound Values only applies to bindings that use Cantabile Gain sliders in my testing and not to On Load sources.


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As a point of reference, my hardware workstation (Yamaha Motif) does just that – re-selecting the current (Master) setup resends all internal and external startup messages. It’d be great if Cantabile worked the same way.

– Jimbo