Song Property Tagging for sorting and categorizing

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Hi Everyone,

This feature ask may already be in the pipe but I didn’t see a lot about it in the search engine ( there was this item at Trello that is related I think … so i am re - suggesting that we add property tagging to our song files. For folks with a large number of files that are mixed genres the idea would be that they could call up category lists from one category or another (country, folk, pop, punk etc…when requests come up while in the middle of a planned set). I have have hundreds of songs with 6 or 7 categories so this would work for me when confronted with a request that is generic like this. Would this help anyone else? Thoughts?



Hi, my sets don’t really call for something like that as they are quite fixed, but I can see the benefit if you have a lot of songs and need to react on the fly to requests.


I could REALLY use a tagging feature! Great idea! And I’d want to be able to show the tags in the web front-end and let me list all songs with a chosen tag!

I also want a Lamborghini.


I would only need 2 tags…“meh” and “sucks”. I soooo need a vacation!


I Don’t care about Lamborghini but also have a lot of song/states and have to switch them fast before everybody gets seated again!
I asked a few month ago for a search text field for song/state names. (a tag system is a good idea too).
I would like to have it on states too because I often use states to switch “songs” and have it all in one unique song. (legacy of a former Forte guy I suppose)
All this (text search field/tags) accessible form web UI, would be a dream.


You have all your songs in one song?


Actually, I do that too. Not for all “songs” - but some C3 songs have different songs per state …


Yes, states of the highest level (or root level) store “songs”.
Those are calling states of several racks essentially for sounds and routing change.
Generally I have one big rack for upper and one for lower keyboard each containing other racks.
In a kind of almost one man band set, I do have 200 such “song” states in single song.
I’m used to the “all is loaded” / single file philosophy because it’s the way Forte works and I used it during years before Cantabile.
I know we can link common racks and have only changes to be loaded between songs in C3 but for the moment, this way of doing works for me and we can thus have faster changes.
I do have “stand alone” racks to reuse in several “setups” but still using a single song system.
Setlist management remains a bit tricky. (bound to reorder states)


Hey, to each his own. Cantabile’s biggest asset is it’s flexibility. I think the most common method is using preloaded set lists. The change to other songs in the setlist are mostly immediate. Using linked racks means you can use the same rack in many different songs, thus no need to load it again as it is already available. I have no trouble with set list management, but I also don’t have your setup. I tried to use Forte many years ago and found it clumsy to use. I was very glad to see Brad come back to this crazy world with a much improved product, and it just gets better week to week. Glad C3 has your rig running well. :sunglasses:


Sure @Corky , Cantabile 3 is so much powerful and flexible!
“Imitating” Forte was the quickest way for me but I’ll certainly use songs (more than one), preload, linked racks and setlist system in C3 in the future.


I can relate to the Forte experience. I still have my “Jam Song” with everything loaded and separate faders for everything. I use that as my template and delete what I don’t use. I could also see a set (partial set?) where you string together several related songs. Like, “Eagle” song might have States for One of These Nights, Witchey Woman, Take it Easy, and Hotel California. Same with a “Beatles” song, etc.But mostly I prefer to keep songs separate… Like if you’re playing a wedding and you want to do Eagles, but need to skip over Lying Eyes.:open_mouth::astonished::scream:


Somewhat O/T…You know, those songs are classics. They were great when first appearing on radio playlists. BUT, after you’ve played them hundreds of times, it’s really hard to put your heart in them, unless, of course, you are in The Eagles. I can see skipping Witchy Woman and Lying Eyes at a wedding for obvious reasons.:wink:


I overcame this by waiting till I was old to learn any of them :rofl::rofl: They seem new now that I am singing them :grin:. But yes, “Lyin Eyes” is not a good choice for a wedding, another to avoid might be Bonnie Raitt’s “I can’t make you love me” (if you don’t) … :wink:



And it is amazing how many weddings request “Every Breath You Take”, which is about stalking. :rofl:
So glad (in a way) the requests for “Old Time Rock And Roll”, “Free Bird”, and “Wonderful Tonight” stopped a few years ago. Hopefully “Brown Eyed Girl” will take the same turn soon. Is my curmudgeon showing?

In a way you were lucky and didn’t have to play them for 45+ yrs.


I was spared because as a younger man in Canada I was a huge conehead music fan and creator. I loved Eno, ‘Tangerine Dream’ and ‘Grobschnitt’ among others. Hardly any North American pop or chart covers. It was the dawn of the sequencer and electronic music was usually performed live in planetariums and the sort instead of club or concert settings like modern EDM is done now. My other passion was reggae at the time so lots of fairly simple organ playing with no vocals and long set breaks lol. The crowds I play for in my local area now would have their heads explode if I played that so I learned some more acceptable cover material. :smile:



I liked Eno and Tangerine Dream in the day. Just recently discovered Grobschnitt…had no idea they existed. It reminds me I was in a band called Hawgsnaught (pronounced hog-snot), but the name wasn’t welcomed by customers and venues…had to change it to gig.

Since I was in a biker “club” for a few years…Heavy Rock and Metal became a lot of my repertoire for awhile. I started playing a few Hell’s Angles, Outlaws, and Bandito clubs in the early 80s and thru the early 2000’s, but I rarely play any of that now, because like you, heads would explode. I have seen a desire for pop 80s & 90s with a pinch of 60s & 70s in my area recently. If I could do Rap and old school Hip Hop, I could get in the nightly news frequently. Just too old to dodge gunfire.:unamused:


Same here in NW AR …

You read the paper too I see. Bad goings on all that … :disappointed:


You know that AR is abbreviation for Arkansas…right?


Yeah, “Old Time Rock And Roll” is not the most exciting piece, musically, and I’ve rarely heard a cover version of “Wonderful Tonight” that wasn’t at least mildly embarrassing…

But if I actually had the opportunity to work with three competent and disciplined lead guitarists, I’d always be up for a 13 minute session of Free Bird - that one is still deeply imprinted on my neural pathways…

Rock on!




Oxymoron… three competent and disciplined lead guitarists.
I rest my case. :rofl: