Song prompting to be saved, when no intentional changes were made

I’ve just noticed that one of my songs is marked as modified with an asterisk as soon as it’s loaded, and when I select a different song, Cantabile asks if I want to save settings. I usually have “Prompt to save only on significant changes” set for racks, so any control changes remain only temporary and I’m not prompted to save, so this was a bit unexpected.

I saved the song, switched to another song and back, then saved the song with a different name, to compare the files and see if anything actually is changing, and it turns out to be pluginData for Omnisphere, which is running in an embedded rack.

Within that embedded rack, I’m filtering routes so that only note information reach the Omnisphere plugin - no control changes. However I am using bindings to set Cantabile’s fader for the Omnisphere plugin. I notice embedded racks don’t have the “Prompt to save only on significant changes” option (since you can’t save a rack individually while it’s embedded), so I guess any rack changes affect the song’s modified status. Any idea why this Omnisphere pluginData might change, when I don’t appear to be modifying the plugin at all?


Hi Neil,

Is this happening with the new bindings builds? It could be something related to that triggering the change.

If you check the log (console or file) you should see a line like:

File XXX modified by YYY

Where XXX is the name of the file and YYY is the thing that trigger the modification.

Or, send through a log file and I’ll check it out.


Yes, it’s happening with the new binding builds. I’m currently seeing it on 3187, but I don’t know if earlier builds exhibited it also.

When I switch to the song in question, the log says:

File song 'Headlong' modified by RackHostRackState

Does this help?


OK, this means something somewhere is switching run/suspended state of one of the loaded racks (and doing so outside the context of loading or state switching).

Do you have any bindings controlling that? Failing that I’d need to reproduce this - perhaps send me the song and rack files and I’ll check it out.

Strange. The song does include some racks where different rack states with plugins having different running/suspended states, but that should be entirely handled by state switching. There are no bindings manipulating those.

I’ll send you the song and racks via e-mail.



Thanks Neil - I’ll look into it today.