Song - On Load - Program to External Device

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Would someone, who uses this Binding, (Song - On Load - Program Change - MIDI Out Port) please check that it is working with Build 3653. I used to be able to send a Program Change to an external device (iPad with Sheet Music) and select the correct song when it loads in C3. I can load a Song from the Set List using the reverse path (from the iPad). Is there a way to monitor data to an Outgoing MIDI Port?

Addendum: I am trying to send the Program Change from the Song Bindings and I am loading the Song in the Set List via the Background Bindings.

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Hi Doug,

To record and / or monitor the outgoing ports you can use the diagnostic settings to log the bindings and MIDI events in the regular log file.

and you watch in real time using the console logger


When done turn the diagnostics and the console logger off, they are a drag on things …



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