Song on load / endless Loop (solved)


I need an Ideea how to solve this Problem

3 Sources of Song Call in my Setup and each one shold call the others:

Sources and Targets : OnSong(IPad) ,Korg Arranger Key,Cantabile Setlist

Problem is when I call a setlistItem from Souce Key…
the event Song/On load calls back the song on the key an loop’s on and on

what is the best way to avoid this loop ?

…any Ideas

this is the Rack that calls the Programms on Synth/Arranger/Voicelive Song-OnLoad

…but if this happens my Keyboard sends the same call back …

…normaly this is intended because most i will call the Songs directly from the Keyboard Songbook

…so what to do??


Problem solved after long trial and error phase…

First i build a Rack MIDI OUT for my ----Preset’s---- Rack (it’s for setting Hardware devices)

Next Step was to built a trigger that allows to react on incomming Programmchanges for Setlist selection from ny Keyboard… (in Backgroundrack)

Now this Trigger allows to enable/disable the Route from Rack to Key…
this step is on Song-Level

and last step is to set the route back to enabled before unload the rack
( because i think it is not possible to freeze a embeded rack like a linked rack)…???

Trigger #0 off / Trigger #1 On



…but now there is a new Problem when working with this rack and save in time so the wrong values
will be saved for the routing because it is not able to lock this rack status when embeded…

so i must rethink again grrrrrrr…tricky


Hi Juergen,

You could use loopback to do it. Instead of your binding target being the output port you set it to the loopback port. So you keep the background rack the same and alter the target of the ‘in song’ bindings to the loopback instead of the output port. This way the changes are only sent once to the external device. Make sense?



in this moment I checked what is going wrong…

The Source was the problem … with Rack/OnLoad instead Song/OnLoad it works without any triggers

sometimes i can’t see the forest because there are so many trees

…this was the only problem …

that Rack apparently loads one time on starting my song an then is it loaded so
this event can only occure one time per song

but song load can called multiple times … that’s a little but important difference

on next Songcall it is a different Rack because it is embeded …so it works now