Song level binding trumps global rack binding?

if I’m understanding correctly how it works, a binding set up at the song level which conflicts with a binding set up in the global back will take precedence for execution within the song. for example, if I set cc45 in the global back to control output gain for rack 1, but within the song create a binding to use cc45 to control gain for a specific plug-in, then the song-level binding is the one which will work in that particular song.

OK, no takers on my question…maybe another way to ask. Is there a way to temporarily override global rack bindings on a with song level bindings?

OK I’ll bite. I don’t know of a way, but there is a possibility that the background rack could have more than one state (a state with the unwanted binding disabled) but I’m not sure how to trigger the state change in the course of a performance. If I get the chance I will experiment and see but i think the best way would be to add the ability to make state changes to the background rack from a song (which don’t exist at this time).

Thanks Dave. I’m rethinking some of myglobal rack bindings. The ones that were conflicting, I’m hardly using. I just may silence them permanently

To answer the question:

If you have a binding in a song and in the background rack, both will be executed and the order is undefined.

(Probably not very useful to you, but that’s the answer as things currently stand)