Song jumping during play (bug ?)

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Hello community!
I use Cantabile in a simple way, only in direct play to load Vsti’s and effect plugins, without using the sequencer, but first of all here is my scenic config:

  • Lenovo i7 gaming PC, 2 ssd and lots of ram, exclusively reserved for Cantabile, associated with MOTU M2 Asio audio card
  • 1 Prophet Rev 2 synth
  • 1 Yamaha Montage 8 keyboard
    => The Yamaha M8 is used for its internal sounds AND also as master keyboard to control both the program changes of the Prophet and the Cantabile Songs (via Yamaha M8 MIDI OUT to the MIDI IN of a MIDI Solutions Quadra Thru V2 box, then OUT 1 Quadra box to Prophet and OUT 2 Quadra box to MOTU M2 Cantabile).
    Here is my problem (the first time it came, and if it is a bug I would like to know where it could come from!) :
    During my last live performance, I was playing a piano sound from Pianoteq 7 coming from Cantabile PC (Program Song # 02), then without having finished playing, the sound cut off! By observing the Cantabile PC, I realized that it was now on the Song # 07, without my asking !
    Only notes and sustain pedal was played at this moment.

Today, I am in the fear of this “bug” happening again, because I have no explanation for it!
Any suggestions ??

Thanks a lot.

Hi Ralph

It would be hard to analyze the problem without seeing your connections. Can you post a screenshot of the song? How do you switch songs, as in bindings, hardware, or states?
If you are using a set list, use the “profiler” in the setlist menu, just to see any issues in your setup. A screenshot of that would also be helpful.



Yes, you’re right !
I use exclusively the background rack to operate my program changes, and this works since several concerts. I’ll post some pictures in few days (my backline will be back in 2 days).

Big thanks to you

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Well… I preferred to migrate all my set to the “States” process rather than keeping “Songs”.
Much more faster and secured, cause there were also some unexpected crashes with the “Song” program changes procedure !
Now all seems to be right :slight_smile: