Song includes midi file

Wondering if there has been any discussion about Songs (when saved) include their associated midi file within them. Being a church musician I am switching over from Midi Maestro to Cantabile 3. When set up, the MM files remained .mid files. So where ever they went, they didn’t have to search for their corresponding midi file (or get the dreaded “failed” sign). Since .mid files are not particularly large, I was wondering if that would make sense to others as well? Or perhaps this has been discussed in the past and I have missed it.

I don’t think that’s available at this time but it might be possible to have an option to save bundled files ( Song info, midi , wav or mp3 ). Cakewalk Sonar had that option when saving files for portability moving from one studio to another.

Actually that would be fine. I also have to keep my original “Notion 5” files with the songs as well, because down the road, it is usually always necessary to edit the original notation file and the Notion files have to then be converted to midi. So one less thing to keep track of for the actual performance would be GREAT!
Thanks for the response Dave. I hope that could be set up.

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@brad will have to see if it’s feasible …

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Thank you Dave, I appreciate your response.

Hey Guys,

This is something that could be done for MIDI files but I’m not too keen on it for a couple of reasons.

The equivalent functionality wouldn’t be available for audio files (Cantabile’s song file format isn’t suitable for large binary data that needs to be streamed) so there’d be an asymmetry there.

Also it complicates the media player where sometimes files are external, sometimes internal, would need commands to manage the embedded files and ways to replace/delete/re-import these managed files.

I’m not completely against all this, but at this stage unless the current system is causing too many issues I’d prefer not get into this.


Thank you for thinking this through and responding Brad. I can totally understand your position. I will make sure I keep the midi files in the same folder as the song files and that won’t be a problem for me.

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