Song gain and mono outputs?

I’m creating 2 new mono outputs to be used solely as record outputs, 1 for guitar and one for synths/vst’s. So I want them to be the same as the outs I feed to the PA, and not respond to master gain, etc… they’re whatever I saved them at.

When creating them I did not check “responds to master gain” or “responds to Song Gain”. And I created them as 2 separate mono outs. That got me thinking, what exactly is “Song Gain”? I’ve never seen anything like that anywhere in c3…?. Also, even though I created 2 new Mono ports, to select them in a rack the dropdown options always show “Stereo Out” or “Midi Out”… I’m guessing that’s just a mis-nomer and really means Audio Out?

I’ve always kept my plugins at 0 db wherever possible, and set my levels using each rack’s output gain, saved with each Song State.

Anyway, these new outputs seem to work correctly… my levels are whatever I set them at when I saved the song, and don’t respond to changes in the Master Output. But I am wondering if I’m missing something?

Hey Tom,

As far as I know this is what it all is about for the multiple output gains in Cantabile.

There are the Master and the Output Ports gain sliders. The Master is not changed per song whereas the Output port is. I labeled them the way i think they are according to your question.

There is also your hardware level on the monitor pane and it is the last arbiter of overall gain on your system.

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Ahhh, OK makes sense. Are the “stereo” outs from a rack actually mono, if assigned to a mono output? I would imagine they are. Thanks Dave!

I would too, I would think the stereo would get summed to mono.