Song conversion to states

I’ve got a couple of tunes that are being moved into a medley. I have them setup as separate songs, but because of the seque I’m thinking about how to remove any “glitch” between the tunes and creating a single “Song” with a couple of states.

Has anyone done this? Is there an easy way to do it (e.g., merge songs somehow)?


Hi Patrick

It is hard to say, not knowing what is in your songs. If it is just simple routings to vsts, a copy and paste might work. BUT again, I do not know what all is involved in your songs. I combined two songs awhile back, but all I had to deal with was vst routings and lyrics. For the most part, I just pasted it into the song. If you are using media files, it could be somewhat complicated. A pic of your songs would be helpful in giving you an answer.