Some nice free instruments

A quick addition to the “free VSTi” thread - in times of no live gigs, some free instruments may come in handy. I use a lot of this stuff on a regular basis, either in my live setup or in production:

Demos are a bit lame, but the video still gives a good overview…

Surge was my discovery of the year 2020, but some of the others have also made it into my live arsenal: Dexed is an old friend, OB-Xd and PG-8x are pretty good emulations of real classics - definitely good enough for live use. And good old Tyrell N6 is always worth trying, although it can be a bit heavy on the CPU.

Here’s another selection - some overlap:

Have fun!



Native Instruments offers several nice freebies here:
Free | Catalog (
In an odd convention, you click on the text to go to the download page, NOT on the word “Free”.

Komplete Start alone is an amazing free bundle.


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Forgive me father but I have sinned. Sinned on the path of the hellfire and brimstone hardware route to hell like Prophet X, Summit and Wavestate, but I will do penance with their virtual friends including the mighty and free Taurus for thine bass end, for the power and the glory, amen.


Plugin Alliance’s Ampeg SVT-VR Classic is currently free for about a month… use voucher code



Coupon code should be OH-MY-BACK :grinning:

Lugging that head around was no fun back in the day.


That’s why you want this, fits in the computer :smiley: I already have several VST clones but PA is always good stuff and hey, free… I’ll try it Tuesday


I have an account with them. I bought the bx_bassdude years ago during one of these sales - I think it was $25 - worth every penny. I just installed the SVT-VR - its very good, perhaps better than the AmpliTube SVX amps after a quick test. Breaks up nicely when you dig in. Nice full round tone.

Thanks for catching this one Fred!

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