Some more weirdness with pre-loaded setlists

OK, here’s one more for @brad:

I have a pre-loaded set list with a number of songs that use a specific rack that contain my guitar setup. There is one specific situation that consistently creates a funny modification of this rack that upsets my live setup:

  • I open Cantabile, load the set list and then via MIDI program change load the song “_Guitar Tuner”. This song has the rack “guitar rack” loaded in the state “Tuner”, which automatically pops up the guitar amp editor to view the tuner:

Suddenly, the state on loading this song is no longer “Tuner”, but “Time To Wonder Clean” - and the song shows as modified (see title bar).

This is the state behavior box for GuitarRack:

and this the GuitarRack options dialogue:

Interestingly enough, this happens ONLY with the “_Guitar Tuner” song; not with any of the other songs containing the GuitarRack.

The main difference between all of these songs and “_Guitar Tuner” is that “_Guitar Tuner” has the editor for S-Gear open - and that there are no outgoing routes from the GuitarRack in “_Guitar Tuner”.

Funny that - but annoying!



Addendum: now I did a second test: I changed one of the songs that had no such problem with changing back and forth between songs and simply changed the GuitarRack’s state to “Tuner” and saved the song as “Tuner” --> suddenly same effect with overwriting the GuitarRack’s state when going from Tuner to “Time To Wonder” and back.

Next attempt: I changed the editor visibility for “Time To Wonder” to also display S-Gear’s editor - suddenly no more funny effects or overwriting between “Time To Wonder” and “Tuner”.

Changed editor visibility for “Time To Wonder” back to not show editor - side effects are back!

Tried the same thing with a different song (“Long Train Running”) - that is structurally the same as “Time To Wonder” and shows no editor - no funny side effects with the tuner, only with “Time To Wonder”.

This is getting really weird…

OK, now I’ve re-constructed the “Time To Wonder” song by loading a different guitar song that works nicely with Tuner and re-creating the song states and according rack states, and the new version of “Time To Wonder” works nicely with Tuner. So there must be something about the original “Time To Wonder” that somehow does bad things.

@brad: I’ll send you the files - hopefully you can make sense of this…



Hi @Torsten

I’ve been looking at this and so far haven’t been able to reproduce the problem.

With the sequence of steps you describe in the original post on this topic - I’m trying to discern if on returning to the tuner song whether the state of the rack is switching to tuner and then something else is switching it to Time To Wander and subsequently marking it as modified.

Or, is the state simply getting stuck on Time To Wander and not switching back to tuner.

A log file would probably show this - would you mind running the above scenario again and sending me the log file?

Also, the file’s you sent don’t do what you describe for me - but I don’t have all the plugins. If you’ve got time, it’d be helpful to take a backup of those files and start eliminating plugins and see if the problem goes away.

In the meantime I’ll continue trying to figure out what’s going on but very interested to see the log file.


Hey @Torsten

I’ve just put up build 3156 which includes some additional logging around the modified flag - it logs out the reason a file becomes modified. So before you run the experiment above, it’d be a good idea to grab the latest.


Will do - I guess 3157 contains this additional logging as well??



OK, with the newest build (3158), it looks like everything is behaving now.

Wonder if @Goldy’s issues ( Problems with rack states ) are fixed now as well? I would hope so - looks like the exact same issue…



That was a bit of a nasty one to track down so glad to hear it seems to be working.

Thanks for the logs, details and testing.