[Solved] Weird UI behaviour

I’m on Cantabile 3 Build 3540 (x64) and am experiencing some weird UI behaviour. As you can see on the screenshot, I am in the song “24K Magic” but in the Setlist on the left it seems I’m still in “I wish…”. Also, the columns look all weird. Has anyone else had this?

I can solve the problem by simply closing and reopening C3, or by simply waiting a for some time, when the columns will set themselves right and the correct song is highlighted, but this was never a problem before.

Looks like a repaint issue. Before investigating any further can you try in build 3541. I make a small fix to a similar repaint issues in that build, but not sure if will cover the same issue you’re describing.

Assuming not, some questions:

  1. Does resizing that side panel fix things up (that will confirm it as a repaint issue).
  2. Can you reliably reproduce it?
  3. Can you send me a debug log so I can check some settings - go to Tools -> Open Settings Folder, then close Cantabile and send me the file log.txt and log-previous.txt from the opened folder.


OK, I will install build 3541 and report back later

Just to come back to this, @brad, fortunately I was unable to reproduce the problem after installing the latest build. So whatever, the root cause, it seems to have disappeared.

Hi @hermanoantequera - ok great.