[Solved] VB3 II switch between A and B setup


Aaargh - that seems to be a Solo vs. Performer issue: Performer has the ability to send MIDI commands on bindings (“Triggers”), something that’s apparently missing in Solo.

So unfortunately, you’ll be out of luck using bindings - you’ll only be able to control VST parameters with them in Solo - and since VB3-II doesn’t expose the A/B switch as a VST parameter, this won’t work.

So I guess you’ll actually have to use notes to switch A/B - you could use a separate route from your mixface to VB3-II that doesn’t get transposed. Might require a bit of re-organizing your MIDI port setup.

Or you could upgrade to Performer and get all the benefits like pre-loaded setlist, shared racks etc - definitely worth it!




Ah, so it is down to triggers, Dave said they were not needed, but apparently implicitly they are :-).

I will consider Performer, meanwhile, thanks to all for helping on clarifying this. I am new to Cantabile, so far I only have one song and uses two plugins, so I need a little more time to meet the limitations in Solo.

Alternative is to hope for that Brad includes the ability to map midi actions to notes in the route midi handling, without using bindings, but if this is supposed to be one of the things you get by upgrading, then I fully understand why it is not included.

Rookie question, do you normally write ‘solved’ or something when a question has been answered?


Hi Torsten, glad that @Torsten helped you out

You can add it to the thread title if you like by editing it and yes it helps if you indicate it. I am sorry about the triggers question. It is ambiguous because the word triggers also describes a function that is added to C3 performer but also describes some of the bindings functions that are not named “trigger”. @brad, I myself would like more clarity on this question of triggers and which versions do what “triggers” so I know the whole deal.



I updated the original post with the input I got.

I am considering to make a more complex setup with loading different songs, depending on the transposing I need, but that is cumbersome - I would still prefer if Guido would change his mind and add midi events as controllers to the A/B selection.

I also found a MidiMapper VST (https://schemafactor.com/midimapperx/) that does the mapping I needed, so that is also a possibility.

And of course, I could consider upgrading. The only thing I really needed from Solo (over Lite) was the midi mapping, and I decided to by Solo mainly to support the development of Cantabile, so going for Performer might be a little more than I expected, though :-).


Just want to add that Brad now included a “Controller to Note” in the midi filters, which perfectly solves this. Still would have preferred that it was handled in VB3, but this works very well for me.