SOLVED - user error! :View more than one rack

Just wondering in C3 how do you open more than one rack to view the VST? I can open any one rack and view it but it seems to open another rack the previous one needs to be closed?

Can anyone advise what I am doing wrong please?


Hi Dennis,

That’s correct - the current UI design only supports viewing one rack at a time. So far I’ve not had any negative feedback about this - but I’m certainly open to suggestions and nothing is final.


Thanks Brad - well, jmo of course, but I feel being able to see what instruments are in what rack at a glance would be a good thing…it would also allow a quick overview of each ones routing etc as well as allow for easier edits and changes.

I rather like the way C2 laid out the sessions :slight_smile: It’s not that I dislike the interface of C3, I like it :slight_smile: I would just like to have the option of multiple open racks.


Anyone else feel this way?

I think I actually prefer the more “modal” way C3 works, where you’re in song mode or rack mode, and it’s quite clear, and I think it reflects the way my brain works. I sometimes found C2 a bit cluttered when I had a bunch of racks open (and we have more stuff inside racks now in C3). I prefer to see everything for one rack, as big as possible, so all the detail is visible (in C2 there was too much hidden stuff), and I dislike having to scroll around. So the C3 approach works really nicely for me.

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hmmm, I do disagree - hahaha! obviously - when you have a song that uses different racks - eg one rack with keys one with bass one with guitar, a backing track…well when these need to be on separate racks for MIDI input/output reasons or for split part reasons or whatever, having the option to have all of the racks visible is essential in my view to be able to make adjustments to VSTs while setting a song up. Of course once playing live there really should be little editing needed so in that situation just having one visble is probably okay.

What I am asking is NOT a forced view situation, rather something that can be toggled at the users discretion when and if needed, and provided such a thing is possible with the coding of the app - for example it may be too awkward to even program such a thing???

So yeah, the option would be nice if not a pita to program :smiley:

I’ve not used them yet, but I am wondering if this would be a good use for “Embedded Racks” inside of a single rack being used for a particular song? Then one could have that one rack open and see all the component racks, perhaps?

I’m not at my computer where I can try that, so speaking entirely through my hat on this one.


Well, anything is possible… this is more a UX design question. I tend to agree with Neil - v2 was like this and it tended to get very congested and you end up with lots of tedious scrolling and navigation.

That said, nothing is set in stone and I’m open to suggestions and ideas - it’s just that with v3 I’m trying to be quite restrained and not just implementing something because I can.


Yes of course and as I wrote, I actually agree with you :slight_smile: What I am asking for is the option to toggle the screen that way if/when desired when it the rack/routing all the other stuff!! setting up is all.

But if other end users and yourself see no need, that’s cool with me :relaxed:
I guess I can work with it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Well it seems this dufus couldn’t see more than one VST in a rack because I didn’t realise I choose a new “OBJECT” to insert another VST…this is why I was asking about more than one rack as I thought only one VST per rack…yeah I know dumb dumb dumb hahaha!

So I marked the thread as solved as one rack in view is fine :grin:

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