Solved: Unique Recording Set Loaded Per Song?

Cantabile Performer 3.0 build 3702 (x64)

Is it possible to create a recording set (with a desired port set), save it, and have it load with its settings when a particular song is loaded? I’d like to create a recording set per song to have each song’s recorded files in its own folder. But the songs always load the same recording set as the previous song. I have to manually load a different recording set.

Also, can the port set be saved as part of the recording set? I can’t get this to happen either.

Possible? Thanks in advance.

I figured it out. A two-second segment of one of the walk-through videos gave me enough info. I tried to delete this topic, but couldn’t.


@steadystate … glad you solved the issue. Sorry I couldn’t assist, but I don’t work with record sets often.

To provide assistance to anyone down the line who might find this topic in a search, would it be possible to give a pointer to the video (and location) that solved this issue?