[SOLVED] Song On Load binding triggers on **Unload**

I have this simple binding in a single song (Song #1) in my Set List from Song => On Load to send a Note On of F#3 to TotalMix (RME’s tool that controls my UCX II):

However, it behaves exactly like a Song => On Unload binding. The On Load binding triggers (and works perfectly) when I switch FROM Song #1 to any other song in my Set List.

When I switch from (say) Song #7 to Song #1, the binding is not triggered.

I tried changing it to Song => On Unload and it still triggers when I switch from Song #1 to any other song in my Set List, but not from (say) Song #7 to Song #1.

My output port is TMix Mout that is bound to a loopMIDI entry that TotalMix receives. I can trigger the event by binding my keyboard to the TMix Mout port and playing the F#3 note.

Other than that I can’t imagine what is wrong, and I can’t figure out what else I might try …

Any suggestions appreciated …

And the answer is …

I forgot to send the Note Off command (duh).

The behavior of Cantabile makes it look like the command is being triggered on song exit:

  • TotalMix does not respond to the Note On, but waits for the Note Off

  • Cantabile (I’m guessing here) knows that a held note is pending and sends a “courtesy” Note Off when I change to another song, triggering TotalMix to take the action.

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