[Solved] Some Plugin Windows Clipped in v4153

Now on v4153. GUI upscaling seems to have disappeared, but I’m having clipping issues that (as I recall) GUI upscaling had addressed.

Not sure if this is an @brad issue, or I’m missing something in the way the v41xx versions work …

Many of my plugin windows (SWAM, Respiro, Omnisphere, Reaktor, Cherry Lowdown, Agean Pitchproof) look fine, but others are clipped, with no window re-size control to be able to correct or adjust. The most problematic (for me) is Kontakt:

Here are some other examples:

Cherry Audio plugins seem to have a resize handle which works fine. They also have Zoom options which work aok:

Hi Clint,

The only thing that’s changed with regard to this in 4150 and later is the default for VST 3 plugins are now disabled for upscaling by default.

You can adjust this setting on a per-plugin basis - right click on the plugin slot, choose properties and there’s a setting for plugin upscaling - it affects all instances of the same plugin and requires restarting Cantabile.

Let me know if that helps.

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Right … I missed the [Up-scaling] option in plugin properties. Duh … (I was looking for a checkbox … or my dog ate it … or something)

All the plugins that were causing issues now behave normally when Properties => General => [Up-scaling] is set to disabled.

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