SOLVED: Setlist view - can it be made larger?

To suit using a touchscreen at a gig, is it possible to make this view larger? Or at least use a much larger font or indeed tabs of some sort?

I guess the same could apply to the main view as well.

Hahaha! you know, fat fingers and all :smiley:

You can drag the right side of set list view box all the way to the right side of the gui.
Of course it doesn’t increase the font size.

BTW…Options>General “window scaling” is optional and I think it zooms in to 200% or more. That would maybe work for you.

thanks Corky, yeah I knew that :wink: but the latter sentence is what I am after :slight_smile:

Check what I just edited.

ok thanks, I’ll have a look at that - see what it “breaks” if anything :slight_smile:

Actually just saw a little four box icon at top left which says show setlist in a large grid view…that might be it :slight_smile:

Yep that’ll do!

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I’ve also wanted the text in the setlist pane to be larger (or at least the click boxes to be larger) so i can hit them with my finger on a touchscreen PC. Didn’t know about the window scaling option - unfortunately making the text larger in all the windows makes for not enough text being displayed in other windows. What’d be great is per-window text scaling – i’m hoping that with the new theming engine that this will be something @brad will easily be able to implement. (Or ideally per-icon, to make the buttons larger but leaving the text as is.)

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Hey Guys,

The main window scaling option was designed primarily for touch screens and should be the first point of call if you’re finding things too fiddly. Also, as mentioned the Set List Grid is much easier to use with touch screen - so that’s another good option. The TickerBar is good for touch screen too.

That’s possible, but you shouldn’t need to futz with theme editing to fix usability problems. Definitely per-window scaling will be much easier with the new GuiKit, but I’ll need to design how it works so not committing to it just yet.

Also, you don’t need to hit the little button to switch songs/states… you can also double click/tap if that’s easier.