SOLVED ! Need help with a little BIG Problem

Hello Freaks…I’am only a greenhorn with programming languages…

But after long,long,…looong phase of trial and error it works to open the dialog from

my Chameleon Touch Controll an place it to the fixed position.

Works nice and easy with Autohotkey now…(from my computer Keyboard)

but the Problem is : There is no way to activate this Hotkey from Cantabile :thinking:

…so the Idea was to use BOME to trigger a Cantabile-Controller to this Hotkey but it does’nt work in all ways I tested it.

Everytime when Chameleon is the on Top Window nothing works also with the option of ‘inject events’.

The only thing I can do is to compile a one line VB script to start this Hotkey…for 1 Hotkey ???

If I could I would write the complete code in VB but I’am to stupid to do it …tested over and over but I do not

check how it works… have not enough time to learn this also.

Anyone have an idea how to start the hotkey yet???..(.or a tip how to do this complete in VB)

…this is my AHK skript


Cheers Jürgen

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OH MY GOD… I AM SO STUPID :crazy_face::exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head:

Problem solved… it needs no BOME or other tools…
the simplest way works…ARGHHHHH

Not to define AHK - script as Hotkey !

…also the script works with only commands and Compiled to a exe-File

Now I can call it directly in a binding …that opens a new dimension for me


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With this easy Trick it is also able to use all Cantabile internal Hotkeys in bindings!

most you only need the first 2 lines as script

  • WinActivate,Cantabile
  • Send >>>Hotkey

Hi Jürgen
Can you make one Video, when you have time, to see how is working this?



You can even get away without AutoHotkey. You can use VBScript, which is part of Windows. I do this too for saving or for turning pages on my pdf-viewer f.e.

@Juergen you are the King of “Corner” cases! In software engineering we call those strange use cases where people imagine a use for a product no one EVER dreamed of when designing it. They are “Corner Cases” because they are stuck over there in the corner when no one goes.

I mean this as a compliment because you always figure out how to get “out of the corner”!

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Hi Nikola, I am not a Programmer

so all is improved and without any Error-Handlers

Because for my conditions it works and saves my time.

Short explanation:

I have a rack that controlls all parameters of my Lightsoftware…
So I can built a preset for each Songstate.

Important is the Numbering system :

001.001.001 A 01 Rock
001.001.002 A 02 Rock
001.001.003 A 03 Rock…and so on until 10.

Say I work on a new Presetlist for Techno :slight_smile:

002.Set 2

  1. First Preset >>>>>>> 005.002.001 A 01 Techno Hard

If the first Preset is ready and saved/Locked I push my Button and automaticaly I have the next State in New State Dialog.

005.002.002 A 02 Techno Hard

and now I can directly modify it.

Thanks, very well explained.

Little Video that shows how it works…

…at the end you can see that it is also posible to take any Preset as source for the new Preset an with only
mark the reference Preset it also takes the right Name

…I have to do Improvements but step by step but the basic framework is standing
Now there is a lot of finetuning and testing and then I will begin to combine my Keyregistrations with Lightpresets

Here is the Code (at the moment…)

Thank you very much…Never ever bevor anybody worshiped me like this :grin::grin::rofl::rofl::joy:

But…there is no need to built a temple for me!!!:rofl:

…possibly at most a little pyramid :laughing: :wink: