Solved..Need an (simple) idea to create 14bit slider

What I want to try is to create a 14bit controller with 2 MIDI Sliders
first slider represents Coarse and second Slider the Fine Value

Shure i can do it with BOME MT or in Lightjams but I think a C3 Midi filter could also do it… and directly calculating is the fast way instead of routing Back and forth.


The slider2 (FINE) is synced to a Jog-Wheel so after…

1 Wheelturn (right-UP) the value jumps from 127 to 0

this event should trigger slider1 (Coarse) add 1 (at max 127)

1 Wheelturn (left_DOWN) the value jumps from 0 to 127

this event should trigger slider1 (Coarse) subtract 1 (at min 0)

Someone has an idea??

Solved …

it was not clear for me that cantabile automaticaly calculates the values for coarse and fine…

so it is very easy… I only need one Slider to store a Controller (Fine) and the 2 values MSB/LSB

will be automaticaly generated.

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Outgoing from Cantabile it is no Problem and both sliders are working perfect.

The opposite way is a little more tricky I think… >> to bring the Slider(coarse) and the Jog-Wheel(fine-Steps 0-128) to one Fine-Controller (0-16383)

maybe with a sysex map to do the calculations? …have no better idea

if this is not working I will do this step with Bome MT…but I think there is also a way in cantabile:thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking: