Solved: Multiple stereo in ports vst plugin possible?

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I am a noob at Cantabile so please forgive if I am asking something quite noobie here… :wink:
I bought Cantabile Solo for home use and I am using a VST plugin called Jamtaba for online jamming. So instead of streaming my audio to my main speakers I send them to the plugin. I can send f.i. drums to stereo input 1&2 and my guitar to stereo input 3&4… in my DAW I am capable of doing that. Cantabile just shows me option stereo in 1&2… Is there a way or should it be a feature request or… Any help is welcome… thanks and have a nice day


Duhhh, just found out that I can add extra ‘Audio ports’ 3&4 by rightclicking on the plugin… Nice feature… Happy :wink: