[Solved] MIDI Routing Based on a CC Value

My goal is to route MIDI events from a Sylphyo wind controller to one of two plugins (Kontakt or Massive X) based on the current or most recent value of a CC.

The Sylphyo has mappings for lots of gestures (elevation, roll, yaw (“compass”), as well as on-instrument sliders) onto any CC value. I basically want to use elevation (angle of the instrument) to control which path the MIDI events are routed.

Been beating myself up trying to figure out how to accomplish this. Any advice appreciated …

Which version do you have Clint?

I have Cantabile 3.0 build 3665.

It looks like MIDI Routing is what I need (I was ploughing through the MIDI Filters - wrong place!)

I have not tried this solution yet, and I hope the Condition option will work based on the most recently issued CC value …

UPDATE: Just tried it and the Conditions on MIDI Routing work like a charm!

(Sorry for the spurious query … I should have been able to figure this out)

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