SOLVED: Getting multiple media players in viewer?

Okay so I have multiple parts in the media player, but when I go to the view tool, it only lists one part. Now, I actually want to start all parts later than the audio parts actual start time (decided against the intro) , but when I do this in the View, it only plays the current track not all tracks.

Please tell there is a way to do this and that I don’t have to go back to the DAW to truncate the tracks and re-import into C3?


@pax-eterna if you have multiple media players and they’re synced, setting the play range of the master should get reflected across the other players. Perhaps post some more details on exactly how you’ve got it setup. Multiple players? Audio and MIDI files?

hmmm…I have them all synced afaik, in the background rack all the media player are linked to start and stop, and when using a start/stop transport control from the controller keyboard it works as expected.

It is if I open the view then move the slider to where I want it to start, it only then plays the track highlighted in the View.

It is multiple audio tracks, each going to its own media player.

Hi Dennis,

From what I read you are starting and stopping using background rack bindings to separate media players in your songs. This does not mean the media players are synced. To have the media players synced you have to :

  • have a media player set to Master Sync ( right click on media player and set the “Sync Mode” )

  • have one or more media players set to Slave Sync

when this is done the master media player will command the transport position of all slaved media players ( they follow it).

So in this case you could have a single binding in the background rack that targeted the transport or the master media player and all the slaved media players with your other tracks would not need separate bindings in the background rack. They would be under the command of your master synced media player. Also note that the transport usually defaults to metronome but when you select a media player and make it the Master Sync the transport automatically switches to the selected media player that is “Master Sync”. If you set up the media players in your songs this way they will always move the time line together and stay in sync with the Master. Hope this helps … :relaxed:


Thanks Dave…you are 100% correct, I do NOT have them synced…supplementary question please? When I now press the controller transport play, no matter where I move the “now” marker line in the timeline, it keeps jumping back to the start of the audio files, not starting from where the line is postiioned?

Hi Dennis,

Could you show a picture of the binding for your transport please? It should only go to zero when there is a stop command issued.

OK that looks fine. I think what’s happening is that you need to show the master media player in the time line to set the play marker and have it work the way you want it to. When you drag the timeline on a slaved media player it always goes to zero before starting playback because the master is still set to the beginning of the track. Hope this helps …

Hi @pax-eterna

Did @dave_dore’s replies get you sorted on this?


Brad, yes. Sorry meant to reply back sooner. I did not have them synced. So now that that is taken care of and I “focus” the master MP - the timeline view now works as expected.



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Again, I’ve found this in a search and I’m having the same problem.

I want to watch the waveform of one of the slaved media players, but I want to drag the pointer and have all the players move to a new position. It won’t let me unless i’m viewing the waveform of the ‘master’. This is a pain, because I can see cue points in the ‘slave’ waveform that I want to jump to - I can’t see these clear cues in the ‘master’ waveform.

It seems odd that I can grab and drag the playback pointer in the slave waveform display, but then ignore me when I release it - it seems to me that it should either let me jump to a new position as I’m attempting to do, or not give me the idea that I can do it by letting me drag it. I’d prefer it to do the former!

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