Solved: found answer

solved: just created an out port - well duh!!!

and I cannot delete the thread so sorry about the cryptic title.

So I have a harmony pedal that needs to get note info to generate harmony, no probs. Keyboard Controller has 4 zones of outs MIDI and/or USB and a neat merge facility that can merge data coming in via USB to either of the two physical MIDI out ports.

In normal circumstances I simply have zone 4 set to MIDI out (not USB) and route this to the harmony device on a specific channel. The issue is when I need to transpose in Cantabile, as Zone 4 is not under direct control of Cantabile it does not transpose, so you can see the problem.

The question is, how can I get Cantabile to send MIDI data to the Keyboard via USB so I can then merge it out MIDI out 2 port? The only options I get are to send it to a VST in Canrtabile. I really need someway to set up a “dummy”?? rack that will allow note data only and then to somehow get that going back out to the keyboard.

Hahaha, hope that makes sense…any ideas?

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