Solved - Can't find "Pre load set list" in Tools on Performer X64 B.3279

I just updated to Performer build 3279 from build 3160 (yeah, it’s been awhile). I’ve always used “pre load set list” in the tools menu for fast song switching during gigs.

But now I can’t find that option in the tools menu anymore, and I’m definitely running Performer, not Solo. So I’ve been looking around trying to find where it may have been moved to.

Can anyone give me a point in the right direction? Would be so greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!


Oops nevermind- I just found it finally.

For anyone else interested… it’s under the file menu --> Setlist sub-menu

Feel free to delete… probably jumped the gun on that one a bit- lol! :wink:

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Glad you were able to find the answer to your question. I took the liberty to add “Solved” to the title of your post.

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