[SOLVED] Can I create a latching hold pedal by song?

In the setup I’m working on (live switching from guitar to a keyboard set run by Cantabile Performer) there is a song that requires me to leave a note on hold on the keyboard WHILE playing a guitar solo. I thought it would be nice to be able to switch the hold pedal behavior from momentary to latching (toggle?) but ONLY for that song, and when I load the next song it would return to its normal (momentary) behavior. I suppose since Cantabile is governing all the keyboard duties (software plugins controlled by a Yamaha KX61 via Cantabile) this would be only a software assignment matter. I tried checking on the bindings, but I couldn’t find anything that would suggest me how to make this. Is this even possible? Thank you very much in advance.

With the help of a friend (who is more a computer programmer than a musician, right the opposite of me!) we found a solution for this, which I’ll contribute to this forum.

The answer was not in the bindings section, but in the MIDI Filter, which can be reached by right-clicking the MIDI IN connection segment on the plugin you want this change to happen (Unfortunately we didn’t found an option to apply this to the entire rack -made by several plugins-, but we were able to replicate the same filtering on the couple plugins that needed this).

There is an option called “Latch controller” which can be applied to the (source) Hold controller (#64)and the same target controller, with target values 127,0 , edge triggered option ON.

So far, is working fine!