[Solved] C4 Crashes when Editing a SysEx Expression

On the attached rack, I get a crash when I edit the 7th binding in the VL70 Volume group:

… and I change the highlighted text:

… to x"B007" and click [OK]

Note that the Data field has not updated to the modified expression:

And this is where C4.156 hangs and goes to a high CPU load …
may need @brad attention …

Here is the rack:

SysExCrash.zip (8.2 KB)

Hi @Clint,

As per other issue, I’ve added this one to the list to investigate asap.


Hi @Clint,

I’ve had a look at the but haven’t been able to reproduce it. When you’ve got a moment, would you be able to capture a hang report as described here in the section “Diagnosing Hangs”

If the file is too large to email (probably will be), you can upload it here.


Just sent over the Crash Dump package … Happy Hunting! (couldn’t find an Elmer Fudd “hunting wabbits” emoji …)

Hi @ClintGoss

I think this might already be fixed in build 4159 and later. Can you try the latest build 4160 and let me know if it still happens.


v4160 fixes this issue … YAY!